Postgraduate (Stricto Sensu) in Law Program – Master and Doctorate

The excellence in teaching and research to a differentiated formation of the future professional.

The URI – Santo Ângelo – Postgraduate (Stricto Sensu) in Law Program – Master and Doctorate – was projected to become an excellence center in the teaching and research areas of the Law. To such, the program have academic and administrative structures, beyond informatics resources and qualified and up-to-date bibliographic collection to individual or collective researches. Its teachers are composed by renowned researchers with strong influence in the Innovative theory of the contemporary Law. The program shelters the chair Luis Alberto Warat, compounded with all the cultural and bibliographic collection of the renowned argentine-brazilian thinker.

The program presents itself, at same time, as a qualified space to great studies and as a community regional conquest, aiming to contribute to the innovation of Law’s science and inserting it in the social practices quotidian.

The URI’s Masters and Doctorate in Law articulates between two research lines: – Law and Multiculturalism – Citizenship Politics and Conflict Resolution; which expresses the most advanced in the Law research to effects over a complex and multicultural society as ours.


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